Bulls Opening Night Redux

The San Francisco Bulls returned last night from what seemed to be a month-long road trip to take on the Stockton Thunder. NHLer Theo Peckham was in full Bulls regalia, and Sharks favorite Ryane Clowe was behind the bench as the Bulls prepared to stem a six-game (I think… info was not readily available on the web and, not being paid to keep this site up, my interest in research is lax to say the least) losing streak. The Beast From the East seemed fired up behind the bench, and appeared to be very into the game. In this picture, we see him focused on the action to the left of Bulls head coach, general manager, team president, and program vendor Pat Curcio.

The crowd of 6,024 was more subdued for this game. There was much to cheer for, as the team rolled to a 4-1 win behind the stellar netminding of Thomas Heemskerk. Fans were into the action as a respite from the NHL lockout, which is close to dragging into its third month. The on-ice product took a major leap forward from the slow, lethargic play the Bulls put forth on the road. It really does seem like the players feed off the energy of the home crowd.

As a partial season ticket holder (the 12-pack flex pak) I had great seats for $24, 2 bucks lower than the regular admission price to sit in the dress circle. I invited my two fat friends (see picture below) and felt petite as a Disney princess stuffed between the two behemoths. As usual, Steve spent most of the game dicking around on his smart phone and ignoring the on-ice action. Our generation has the attention span of a fruit fly, and our nation is doomed.

Whether this victory is just an pleasant abberation, or a sign that the Bulls are starting to gel as a team, is yet to be seen. I sure do hope it is the latter. With Team Toro already #5 in league attendace, I could definitely see them making huge strides in fan base if the NHL lockout continues. For diehard hockey fans, especially those who love the idea of spending a night out cheering on a bunch of blue-collar players still chasing the dream of playing in the National Hockey League, the Bulls are top-notch. Great value, great concessions, great venue. The Ice Girls dancing around to Nine Inch Nails’ track “Closer” wasn’t too shabby either. Next game I attend, I hope to see Ryane Clowe in uniform and laying down checks. Or purchasing life insurance from Pat Curcio, who will be selling reasonable plans for all income groups between periods, adjacent to the Chuck-a-Puck kiosk



Bull Droppings- News and Notes

  • The NHL cancelled the Winter Classic between Detroit and Toronto (an event I was planning on at least attempting to attend), moving one step closer to a season-long lockout. To quote @DownGoesBrown on Twitter, “Go ahead, cancel the WC. Cancel everything. I hope you all go broke.”
  • Seeing as the Bulls are in the midst of a massive road trip, I took the opportunity to get my fix by purchasing a game on America One Sports. A reliable (if low-resolution) stream of the in-arena feed with radio piped in from knbr.com was provided… after downloading numerous plug-ins to get the damn thing to run correctly. The ECHL is missing a real opportunity by not working with Roku so the stream can be made available on one’s television. That oversight, combined with the $8 per game (or $30 for a month of games) cost, makes for an adequate service for die-hards or those going through severe Bay Area hockey withdrawl. For the casual fan, I’d stick with going to the ocassional home game.
  • The Bulls lost their 5th straight game 6-1 to the Colorado Eagles (in the midst of a 5-game losing streak themselves) in a rather uninspired performance. Team Toro is currently in last place in the Western Conference, a rather inauspicious position to be in considering only the worst team in the entire conference misses the playoffs.
  • Anyone else see the irony in the Bulls loss being sponsored by stayingahead.com when they played nearly the entire game from behind?
  • Ryan Clowe made a mild splash in the papers (er, on the websites) when it was announced that he had signed with the Bulls. Just as quickly, more information emerged that he had only agreed to join them for practices. Much ado about nothing.